YCIS Enrichment Program

The Enrichment program serves a diverse student population from 5th grade through age 21. Each of these students has an Individual Education Plan or IEP. The main goal of the program is to allow students to explore their strengths, weaknesses and personal interests in order to move as independently as possible toward a meaningful adult life.


Our students participate in daily life skills activities that include functional academics, adaptive PE, cooking, sewing, laundry, hygiene and deliveries, as well as independent and teacher lead academic and functional work activities. We are proud to have some phenomenal duties that we perform throughout the school. These duties include running the coffee cart, making the treats for the coffee cart (this activity is generously funded by the Parent Teacher Organization), aiding in the office, aiding for Mr. Martin, pick up/wash/dry/fold and delivery of towels and aprons for the cafeteria and much much more.


There are students in the Enrichment program that predominantly stay in our classroom for the full day and there are students that only come to our program for a portion of their day because they need intensive help, at a low student to teacher ratio, in a core subject. The students that come to us on a part-time basis also attend classes with their same age peers in general education classes. The students that remain in the Enrichment program for the majority of each day are often medically fragile and unable to participate in an academic general education setting with peers


The Enrichment program has a magnificent team of adult instructional assistants, teacher aids and peer tutors. Without this spectacular team, our students would not have the opportunity to truly experience and excel in the “Individual” part of their IEP plan. Our team is dedicated to the students best interests and successes.


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