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YC with National Geographic

Over 55 fifth through eighth graders (over 1/6 of the school) are already signed up to participate in the National Geographic GeoChallenge this year at YCIS. The GeoChallenge is an annual themed and standards-based competition from the National Geographic Society that challenges student groups in grades five through eight across the United States to develop a creative solution to a real-world problem.

Students form teams—between four and six people—and respond to a problem, challenge, or critical issue by using research, collaboration, creativity, and communication to create and present real-world solutions, just like National Geographic Explorers.

Last year YCIS sent five teams to the Regional Competition in Fresno, California and had one team place first in the entire region. (West Coast) We are looking forward to seeing what they achieve this year.

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See if you can spot our YC team!

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