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YC's FTC Robotics Club Wins Again!

FIRST Tech Challenge is an international robotics competition that emphasizes developing practical life skills alongside engineering robots. The two main activities of FTC teams are designing solutions to the annual challenge and engaging in community outreach. YC's FTC team is made up of students from grades 7-12. This year, the challenge is space-themed and called Rover Ruckus. The goal of our robot is to mimic activities of a rover that is exploring an unknown planet. Our robot can autonomously descend and detach from the side of a "lander" and visually detect the difference between two types of "minerals" to sample. While controlled by human drivers, it drives around the playing field, placing minerals in the elevated cargo hold on the lander and eventually hanging entirely back onto the lander.

This year at our qualifying tournament, we won the Connect award and 2nd place for the Inspire award, competing against some teams from McMinnville, Gladstone, Portland, and Corvallis. We are moving on to the super-qualifying level and potentially the state championship. This is the second year we've made it past qualifying level in our four years as a team!

  • FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) is a robotics competition for students in grades 7-12

  • Community outreach and a team's engineering notebook are major factors of the awards criteria in this competition

  • We won the Connect award and 2nd place Inspire award at our qualifying tournament on the 19th

  • Our robot accomplishes tasks autonomously and while controlled by human drivers

  • We are moving on to the super-qualifying level for the second time and hope to make it to the state championship

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