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Why We Do Not Give A Head's Up On A Lockout Drill

We understand that these can cause anxiety for some and a head's up would be desired. It is beyond sad that these are needed, but we must be prepared and ready with the knowledge and expectations needed to process a lockdown/lockout efficiently, ensuring that if such a situation happens, we will be ready and know exactly what to do and how to handle the situation.

Some of these drills are announced, so students and teachers can practice and prepare. Some of these drills are not announced, so students and teachers can react as though the circumstances were real. Drills that are announced allow for students and teachers to practice what to do in the event of a real emergency. Unannounced drills are equally, if not more important. The manner in which students and teachers react to drills that are unannounced, informs our district as to where we can better prepare each school for emergency situations.

We train with the Yamhill Police and prepare for each of these drills. YC Police and administration are the only ones aware of the spontaneous drills. In fact, Yamhill Police agree with us on the need to keep these unannounced for reasons mentioned above. If you need confirmation on that, we encourage you reaching out to them to get their feedback on the matter.

These drills may be alarming for your child, regardless of whether they are announced or unannounced. Your child may have questions or wish to express their emotions about the potential dangers in the world. According to the age and level of understanding, answer your child’s question honestly. Try to be sensitive to their desire to communicate, while listening to and accepting their feelings.

Ask your children to review the response(s) they were taught during the drill to help them better learn and remember how to respond during these drills.

Please help us remind your child to speak to an adult if they ever see or hear of any threat to their school. It is through the work of all that we are able to love, support, and protect our scholars.

Here are tips to discuss these drills with your child/student.

Again, we inform our students and staff on these drills and what to expect. Content is sent home to parents about these as well. If you feel you are not being informed or never received said information (if you are a parent), please contact your school's secretary.

Visit our district website and scroll down to the Lockout/Lockdown Drill section for further details. There you will also find our safety/emergency public documents available.


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