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The YCHS Viticulture Program

Yamhill Carlton High School is the only school in the nation to have a working vineyard on school grounds. Lead by Jared Collins, the Viticulture Class are the key players to mostly every stage of the cultivation of wine (No, they unfortunately cannot taste the spoils of their hard labor).

Yamhill, OR sits right in the middle of Oregon's legendary wine country. Therefore, it would make sense that Yamhill Carlton High School would make the decision to start a program that focuses on the process and development of the viticulture. After all, it is one of the main sources of the economy's growth in this district. Offering this field of work to the students is providing them with an important skill that serves many in the area.

Having a variety of programs for our students has always been a very important focus for the administration of YC. From rocketry to drones to culinary arts and viticulture, opening the doors to all possible careers is allowing our students to think big and be prepared for the adult world. These programs equip the students with not only the education but also the experience that many companies desire to see in their employees. Hands on experience and acquired skills on top of the education empowers our students to have all of the opportunities available to them if they so wish to grab hold.

The YCHS Viticulture Program was envisioned and brought to fruition by Ken Wright of Ken Wright Cellars, who several years ago realized the importance of educating our local students on one of the local career fields that employed many they knew. Under his guidance and expertise, the program continues to flourish, giving new students every year the chance to partake in this one of a kind program.

"Armed with a concept and their considerable passion, Ken and vineyard manager Mark Gould rallied the support of fellow YC AVA growers and winemakers, who reached into their pockets and offered their expertise in creating a wine-growing curriculum." [source]

“It’s very much a part of our overall philosophy with students, to train them in jobs that will keep them in the community,” said Charan Cline, who as Superintendent of the district is an avid supporter of the viticulture program.

Jared Collins, YC teacher of the Viticulture Program, lead his class to tour Ken Wright Cellars to see the grapes they harvested from YC's school greenhouse being processed and fermented.

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