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Summer of 2018 Costa Rica Trip

As told by former student, Alexa Aki:

"This experience was so life-changing and I made so many unforgettable memories and friendships. I will forever have a piece of Costa Rica in my heart as well as several families I can call my own.

During my first month in Palmares, [my host family welcomed me in with opened arms.] Being embraced by the Pura Vida lifestyle was absolutely amazing. I could go on and on about how amazing those eight weeks were."

Below are some images Alexa wanted to share. You will see her with her host family, The Palmares family. She traveled to Tres Rios with her travel group. Another picture will show them lined up, celebrating the 4th of July with other students (with style), and another image of the beautiful scenery while zip lining through the jungle.

Experiences like these help these older kids learn about different cultures (and all that implies). Often times they report coming back home (to the states), appreciating those little things that the other places lack.

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