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Student Art to Raise Awareness

Nicole Dewitt, a junior in advanced art class, created this art piece to raise awareness of how plastic pollution is effecting marine habitat and marine life. She volunteers at the Oregon Coast Aquarium, and was chosen as one of the people to attend a Plastics Awareness Day at the state capitol, and raise awareness on this issue. She brought her art to this event, adding a wonderful and poignant image to their message. I thought this should go on the website!! It’s AWESOME! By the way, her canvas was an old surfboard, and the pieces of plastic she found on the beach!

What made you want to create this?

What made me want to create this piece, I work with the Oregon Coast Aquarium to find the the best way to pick up microplastics along the rack line of the beach where the wave ends. So I grabbed a 10th of the 2 gallon buckets of microplastic we had collected. I decided to make an art pieces that shows how the beauty of our ocean is being destroyed.

Where do you see yourself in your future career?

I am planning on getting into the field of marine science, but more along the lines of lab work. But I will always work on my art work to show people what is happening in our world.

What inspires you?

What inspires me - that's a harder question because most of the time it just comes to me. But if I had to choose I would have to say nature as a whole because there are so many mysteries of nature that just inspires me.

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