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Scheduled Lockout Drill on 2/20

Dear Yamhill Carlton School District Parent,

On February 20th, at approximately 11:15 the school district will be practicing a lockout, lock-down, and evacuation drill. We have done these drills many times before, but this one will add a couple of layers of complexity and I want to make everyone aware of these changes.

First, at 11:15 several groups of students will be at lunch and will therefore have to shelter in the cafeteria during the lock-down phase of the drill. Because many classroom teachers are also at lunch during this time, affected groups of students will be managed by lunch supervisors instead of their regular teachers. The second change is that the local police department will be releasing classrooms to our evacuation point instead of district staff members. This will mean that the children may stay in lock-down for a longer period of time then they have in the past and they will be directed to a safe location by police officers.

We are increasing the complexity of the safety drill to better prepare both YC staff members and our local police force to handle emergency situations. Just to be clear: the police will not be simulating an active shooter drill with weapons or a pretend suspect. Students will experience a similar sequence of lock-down and evacuation to what they have in the past.


Charan Cline, Ed.D



Lock-out – All outside doors are locked. Teachers continue to teach, but students are not allowed to leave a building. No one is allowed to enter the building. This status may be used if the district receives notice of an outside threat. It has been enacted in the past when potential criminal activity is reported in the community.

Lock-down – All doors to classrooms are locked. Students huddle in a section of the room that is not visible from a window. Teachers and students do not respond to anyone trying to open the door or asking to be let in. They do not evacuate if a fire alarm is sounded. An administrator or police officer releases students from each classroom. This situation is used if an internal threat is detected.

Evacuation – Students exit classrooms to a predetermined evacuation point. Once at the evacuation point, students may wait for the situation to resolve or they may be directed to buses to be transported to another site for reunification with parents. A fire drill is a good example of this activity.

To view signed official letter by Superintendent Cline, CLICK HERE.


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