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Public Statement in Response to Recent Events 12/17

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

There has been some recent events at both our high school and intermediate campuses that need to be addressed and clarified:

Last week a high school student brought a BB pistol to school in his bag. No students were threatened and it was not reported to a teacher until after the final bell. School Administration and the Yamhill Police Department responded quickly and located the student off campus. After the situation was defused, the school district immediately released a public statement that day.

In a separate incident at our intermediate school at the end of last week, students reported to administration that another student was offering to sell them drugs and that he had a knife. The Yamhill Police were called. The student was searched and no drugs or a knife was found. However, later on, a knife was found in a bathroom garbage can. At this point, we cannot definitively tie the knife to the student.

Please keep in mind that because of police involvement and FERPA Law, we are legally barred from telling the public details that involve what is happening with the student. Rest assured that the school district is following state law and district policy JFCJ in all of these matters and will continue to put the safety first, as well as respect the privacy of each and every one of our students. Despite the close proximity of these two incidents, situations like these at the Yamhill Carlton School District are rare. Our staff, students, and community members normally work together well to create safe places for students to learn. We endeavor to run safe schools and create a positive learning atmosphere. It is unfortunate when these situations occur in our schools.

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Please keep in mind that this is a public announcement that reflects district-wide happenings in summary. The get specific information, we recommend you contact the student's actually school directly and/or attend Board meetings (which are once a month).


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