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Enrichment Life Skills Program @ Carlton Craft Fair

When serving others is the career that you choose, bragging about the things you do doesn't come easy. It is well-known that teachers are some of the most important people on the face of the earth, second to parenting (in our opinion). Their jobs are to shape the minds of our children, guide them to success, and provide the tools that will help them succeed to and in their adulthood. They work right alongside the parents, with the responsibility of building the next generation to take the batons of the world and accomplish even better things than their predecessors. Naturally, teachers typically have a hard time bragging about the accomplishments they are making, and it is not their job. What teachers do, the lives they impact, and the children positively affected by them should be praised more than it is.

Well, here at YC, we feel praising and bringing to the front the accomplishments of our teachers/staff and children is important. Showing the world the little impacts the district makes not only helps to encourage that growth, but it also helps to inform the public of the achievements taking place in their community. Most importantly, it helps inform the public where they can help and where they can encourage the continued growth of our people (first and foremost, our children).

One department in the Yamhill Carlton School District is the Enrichment Life Skills Program (at YCIS). They do so much for this district, yet many have not heard about them. Debbie Williams, the Special Education Teacher of YCIS, talks about their program's involvement at last weekend's Carlton Craft Fair that took place at YCES in Carlton below:

I often think about the great things that happen in our program daily, but I am shy to share because we are not "Going To State" with our daily successes. Our accomplishment might seem small to the general population, BUT they are very great to us.
This weekend we made our debut public presentation by participating in the Carlton Craft Fair.
We had a phenomenal attraction to our table and sold out all of our products an hour before the end of the event. We had plants and homemade dog treats for sale.
Although we are pretty proud to have "sold out", the best part was the interaction we had with our community!! It was wonderful to speak about our program. I didn't realize there were so many people that were unaware of our students and the great things we do. I want to thank everyone that had questions and interest in the Enrichment program.
I plan for this debut to be only the beginning of an open line of communication to our community that I am proud to call home.

The Carlton Craft Fair @ YCES, Nov 2018

More about the Enrichment Life Skills Program coming soon!

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