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An inside scoop of our school districts meals by Gabby Chambers, Student Journalist

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

Culinary Arts and Chef of YC, Shiloh Ficek

High school menus rotate on a three-week cycle menu while the elementary school rotates on a four-week cycle. Both the middle school and the high school are on the same schedule. The price per meal varies on what school and what type of meal.

It’s $3.00 for high school and middle school lunches.

For elementary school, it’s $2.80 per lunch.

However, for breakfast, the price is 1.10 for paid kids. Some might qualify for free reduced lunches, which would be no cost for a student for neither breakfast or lunch. If you have questions, please talk to your school office on how to apply.

YC’s meals and culinary classes are helped put together by Shiloh Ficek. The class he teaches gives the students a chance to learn valuable skills

“The whole point of the class is to give them some career education if they ever wanted to get into the culinary field but also I think it’s a great opportunity to teach life skills... I think it’s great for them to cook for themselves.”

Ficek hasn’t always had cooking in mind as a profession. “I actually was doing prerequisites for nursing in Alaska... I just moved to Oregon on a whim and went to a culinary class I got to make breakfast.” His passion grew from there and he went on to graduate from Western Culinary Institute with a 4.0.

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